The River That Lives


“De Levende Rivier”, or The River That Lives,  is a genuine and pure nature documentary in four stages. As Ruben goes down along the river he tells the story of nature through personal memoirs. An expedition with adventurous overnight stays along the unknown waterways. When he encounters all kinds of animals and plants, he captures this in high quality. Peddle away with the man and his canoe. On his journey across the Netherlands, from Lobith to the North Sea. Nurseries full of life, with sunsets and sunrises that will take your breath away and with a surprise behind every row of reed. Where human hands have worked hard; side channels, flood plains, depoldering. 


The nature documentary Live River lasts 90 minutes and has been broadcast several times as Vroege Vogels (Early Birds) special at the VARA on NPO2, one of the biggest Dutch television channels. The River That Lives was also shown at WFFR Rotterdam and in a large number of film houses. The DVD / Blue Ray contains an extensive series of multiple parts with a lot of behind the scene material. 


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