The Wadden Sea

Living on the edge - 2018

Raw and pure in all its glory

WAD brings you, the viewer,  the Wadden area like you’ve never seen before. The Dutch part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage lies between the Marsdiep off Den Helder and the Dollard in Groningen. From the tidal area outside the dikes with its salt marshes and Wadden plains, to the open polder landscape inside the dikes with its vast fields, former seawalls, and historic farms. All animals, birds & plants, the sand, the weather and the seasons in one breathtaking film.

Ruben Smit: “The Wadden region has earned a real, good nature film for years. Even before De Nieuwe Wildernis I had the idea to make this film. The Wadden region is raw and pure – in all its glory. Sometimes we had to go back three times for that one special shot that we knew was there but it was so hard to make. But if we eventually make the shot… it is even more special. My goal is to make a movie that reads like a good novel; no fairy tales, but the raw, pure beauty of Dutch nature.”


From beautiful night skies to the magnificent seal

WADis the first Dutch nature film about the Wadden Sea area, Ruben Smit and his crew capture this unique Dutch nature reserve and all its special natural phenomena underwater and above water, in every season. From a holistic approach; everything is related. It is not a compilation of pretty pictures, but it’s an outstanding story with a clear storyline and recognizable icons such as the seal, the shelduck, and the peregrine falcon. A film that depicts the ecosystem as never before; from the algae at the bottom of the food chain, to the peregrine falcon and the gray seal as icons of the mudflats. With the latest film techniques, time-lapses, drones, microphotography, and underwater cameras, the crew knows how to capture the special nature of the Wadden from all perspectives. We are proud to have such a beautiful and unique landscape as the Wadden Sea Region,  to be the only Dutch nature reserve with Unesco World Heritage status.
  • The Wadden Sea; Living on the Edge