Levende Rivier - The Book

In this beautiful book you can see a reflection of Ruben’s journey through the Living River. A compilation of stills and photos truly capture the essence of the river and  . Here and there supported with short quotes or wonderings. But of course the image prevails. 

The book is 30x34cm/ 11,81×13,39 inch in size and almost 3 cm/1,18 inch thick; an essential to ad to your bookcase! Ruben Smit (filmmaker De Nieuwe Wildernis) sails down the Rhine with his canoe in search of unknown waterways and streams, from Lobith to the North Sea. From the water, with his canoe, he experiences the current Dutch river area in a unique way. Through every season, in every special way

A spectacular new Waterland, a landscape of side channels and river dunes, of ewe forests and seepage marshes. Looking for every beaver and spoonbill, grass snake and river rump, sea eagle and summer snow. Sail on his journey through a unique, new Netherlands. A journey to the sea.




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