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We are very happy and proud of the way the WAD photo book came out. This photo book continues where the film WAD – living on the edge. It contains a sublime collection of photos of the Wadden Sea Region, selected from the tens of thousands of recordings made by Ruben Smit and his team. This book shows the Wadden area as it has never been shown before, thanks to special cameras and the latest techniques. Ruben Smit pays a magnificent tribute to the Wadden Sea by elevating this world heritage to an impeccable form of art.


This book contains photos of the Wadden Sea, both landscape photos, the common animals in their natural environment, and all the different kinds of plants. The photography is moody, with atmospheric images of an area characterized by water, tides, and cloudy skies. Underwater photography and macro recordings are also shown. All in all, it gives an impeccable overall picture of the versatile natural beauty in this Unesco nature reserve. The book was created simultaneously with the making of the film WAD, which has been shown in various Dutch cinemas. Ruben Smit, the filmmaker, took the most photos, but the rest of the film crew also took the camera when impressive images could be captured. It has resulted in a carefully designed edition. With a photo index in the back of the book.

ISBN: 97890 5615 4820/ UITVOERING: Hardcover 27 x 32 cm / TAAL: Nederlands/ NUR: 653/410 / PAGINA’S: 208

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