WAD, living on the edge , toured 20 theaters during the fall of 2019 in a special musical tribute accompanied by the Noordpool Orchestra. WAD live premiered at the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen and will play throughout the Netherlands, from Amsterdam Carré to Utrecht Tivoli Vredenburg and De Meenthe.


Conductor Reinout Douma: “We have given a completely new twist on the film, music and text. This makes WAD live, even for people who have already seen the film, a new experience and a musical artistic homage to the mudflats.”


Dagblad van het Noorden about WAD live (4 stars): a beautiful, sometimes powerful, sometimes restrained adaptation. With WAD LIVE, the music is at least as important as the film images. No underscore but upper score


WAD live gives an extra dimension to the nature film from 2018: WAD, surviving on the border of water and land. This was created by the 42-piece Noordpool Orchestra, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The music of Martin Fondse, winner of the Buma Boy Edgar Prijs 2017, has been processed by conductor Reinout Douma into a new musical composition with plenty of room for improvisation. Visitors see a recent montage of scenes from the WAD film, with previously unseen images. WAD live brings image, music and the story together, this shows the Wadden in a unique musical way. Rob Buiter, nature reporter and Dutch radio maker, creator of the radio program Vroege Vogels (or Early Birds), replaces director Ruben Smit as narrator of the live performances. 


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